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Success Stories031-2


Diane Thach – 19, Camden City Resident, Peer Leader – NJYC

“This program is more like a family, not just a school. I came here with nothing. I had two kids by the age of 17 and was not doing anything with myself. The Work Group helps a lot of people from Camden who are not interested in school and are doing nothing but hanging in the corner selling drugs.”

Jowie Lopez – 17, Camden City Resident, Criminal Justice Major – Rowan University

“My life has changed so much since I came to The Work Group. Before I came to this program I was in the streets selling drugs and smoking wet and weed. I was the type of person that didn’t care about what anyone had to say to me and never listened. I got locked up and they put me on probation. I was still on the streets until my probation officer told me you either to go back to school or be locked up. I was accepted in the program and attended for nine months. I got my GED and I did something I never thought I would do. I signed up for college and got accepted. I am now attending Rowan University and I also have my first real job. I owe it all to The Work Group because, without them, I would be out doing the things I was doing.”

Marie Bosch – 19, Camden City Resident, Secondary Education Major – Rowan University

“Because of The Work Group I was able to get my GED and they helped me enroll at Rowan University as a Secondary Education major. The Work Group gives a person a second chance and prevents them from getting in trouble.”

Tyree Mosby – 19, Camden City Resident, Currently enrolled at The Work Group

“I have learned more than I did in high school in 3 years. I’ve learned how to prepare for jobs and also how to set steps toward my lifetime goal that I have chosen. From all the negativity and problems I have been through, being at The Work Group places me where no one thought I would be… making it!”

Dr. Tony Guzman – 26, Pennsauken Township, B.A. – Rutgers University, M.S. – Wilmington College, Ed.D. – Wilmington College

“This program does work. It is a 2nd chance for young people who were unable to complete high school through the traditional channels. While there are GED programs available, The Work Group provides something more. There is no other program that offers job skills and preparation for the job market. With only a GED, their cup is only half full. With the work readiness component offered by The Work Group, their cup is full. I am thankful that The Work Group was there for me.”

Jorge Perez – 18, Camden City Resident, HOVERT Pharmaceuticals

“I would be out on the streets if not for The Work Group. The Work Group made me a better person. For the first time in my life I felt as though I was involved with something important! It seemed like what I had to give actually mattered to someone and I got to make a difference in other peoples lives. After I completed the program, the staff encouraged me to keep my job and helped me with difficult situations at work.”

Adrian Canady – 17, Camden City Resident, Currently enrolled at The Work Group

“Everyday I’m seeing new things about life and how it relates to me being on task. I’ve been left behind twice and, for once, I feel like I’m on the right track.”

Nikita Cooks – 16, Camden City Resident, Currently enrolled at The Work Group

“The Work Group has taught me how to manage money, prepare for the GED, help our community, and how to be more responsible in the choices I make for myself. I am determined to pass the GED and make my dream come true.”